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Ann grabbed the clothes and ran over to the girl’s changing room. She walked in to find two skinny girls one with black hair and one with brown hair gossiping and three huge girls one with red highlights and the other two with blue highlights throwing a ball around. She walked over to the corner change left her clothes on the bench, then ran back out to Fred.

“Follow,” growled the coach as he walked off towards a green door with OBASCTLE on it.

Ann followed like he asked. He opened the door and then grabbed Ann by the shirt and dragged her to the start of the course. Ann walked beside him to the start of the obstacle course.

He let her go at the start then walked back to the others. There were three red lights above the start. The first one changed to green, then the next one, then the next one. Ann was off she ran straight into the course. She came to the monkey bars, Ann swung through them she jumped off then crawled under the rope net. After the rope net she came to a vine swing of four ropes. A red dodge ball came out of nowhere almost hitting her. Ann climbed up the rock wall dodging the balls being thrown at her by four girls from the changing rooms. She clambered over the wall and landed the drop. Next came the beam balance. Ann ran across getting hit multiple times, she threw herself at the ladder and scrambled up it. At the top she put on a safety harness by herself the attached it to the cord hanging from the roof because she had to jump across planks of wood. Ann ran and jumped the 100cm gap then the 115cm gap easily. Ann saw the next gap was bigger than the first two but she just charged over it. She landed on the platform then climbed the rope ladder. Ann used up a bit of strength on it. She got to the next level climbed up the ladder to the one plank that sloped down. At the end was a flying fox, Ann grabbed it and launch herself off the plank.

Page 22. Page A Day story

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The doctors and Mr. Julius were whispering, while Fred had a huge grin on his face. Ann kept on catching words like interesting, unique, odd, and clever and Ann. Finally the group had finished talking and now we’re all looking at the tall doctor with blonde hair.

“My name is Mr. Krall and this is my assistant Mr. Noose. We would like you to sit down at the desk and wait until we give you the test then you may start. You will have one hour to complete it,” explained the tall doctor as he held his hand out to be shaken.

Ann shook his and then walked over to the desk and waited. Mister Noose gave Ann a pencil case and the test. The test just got harder the more you did. When the hour was up Mr. Krall took the papers and told her to go with Mr. Julius, Mister Noose and Fred for the next part of the test. Ann followed Mr. Julius, Mister Noose and Fred down the hall to where there were double doors. The doors lead into a gym where there were gym mats with two kids sparring with each other. There was a teacher watching them correcting technique and making sure that it did not get out of hand. When he saw them walk in he let the kids finish sparring.
“Practice is over,” requested the coach as the boy with reddish took down the boy with black hair.

The kids ran out of the gym into the changing rooms while the coach took out a pair of grey shorts and a green t-shirt out of a bag. He gave them to Fred who gave them to Ann.

“Go put them on in the change rooms, then come back out here NOW,” as he pointed to a door on the far side of the gym.

Page 21. Page A Day Story

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“How has she done so far?” asked the short doctor.

“I have no idea but I hope well, Mister Noose,” answered Fred as Mr. Julius walked through the door with Ann’s bag.

“Really well, she defended herself from Georgia, is very creative, acts well under pressure and gunfire and can heal really quickly,” announced Mr. Julius as he sat down, “Come sit Fred.”

Fred sat down, while Mr. Krall took her blood sample and computed it, B+ flashed up on the screen. They took her height, eye colour, hair colour and saliva. After they had finished collecting data it had been about an hour since she had been put to sleep. She was starting to stir. Ann slowly looked around to see two doctors, Fred and Mr. Julius all staring at her intensely. She tried to move her arm to rub her eyes when she realized that she could not move it.

“Umm… excuse me but can you please untie me,” advised Ann as she craned her neck up.

“Your job is to work out a way out of the straps,” replied the tall doctor as he picked up his pen and pad.

“Fine,” sighed Ann as she started to wriggle around.

Ann continued to wriggle around until she was on her stomach. Next she leaned to the left side while she pulled out her right hand, then did the same to the other side. The onlookers watch as she pulled herself out of the straps, first her shoulders, next her waist, then her legs. Ann did not land on her face she rolled straight over, then stood up.

Fred climbed into the front while Ann hopped into the back. They drove for a long time. After a while they came to a wall about seven metres high with bar wire on the top.

“Welcome to the school,” smiled Mr. Julius as all the windows became black, “This is just a thing we have to do when you enter the campus.”

Ann started to smell a chemical. She started to feel very tired. The car drove through the gates to another gate where Mr. Julius typed in a password and the gate opened, he entered and turned left. They drove over to a building on the far north. When the car stopped Fred got out and carried Ann inside, while Mr. Julius parked the car and took Ann’s bag into the building where Fred had took Ann.


Fred took Ann to a room on the first floor. He shifted her so that she was on his shoulder then knocked on the door, it opened and he entered a room with 2 doctors. One was short with black hair and the other was tall with blonde hair. They wore white gloves and safety glasses. The room contained a silver table in the middle, a desk on the far side, a computer coming out of the wall and two chairs sitting next to a white board. Fred laid Ann on the silver table, then walked over to the door and stood there watching. First the doctors strapped her to the table, over the legs, ankle, waist, chest and neck, so that Ann would not trash about while she slept and dreamt.

“How long has she been asleep?” asked the tall doctor.

“Twenty minutes, Mister Krall,” replied Fred from the door.

Ann did as she was told. That was a mistake. Georgia shoved her into an oak tree then rammed into Fred knocking him down. She ran out of the clearing and out of sight. Fred scrambled over to Ann who was sitting at the bottom of the oak tree. He grabbed her face in his hands and gently slapped her a couple of times. Ann finally started to stir after the sixth or seventh slap.

“Where is she?” murmured Ann.

“She got away. Where is Mr. Julius?” asked Fred as he helped her to her feet.

“Underneath the shrub over there,” replied Ann as she pointed towards the brownish-green leafy shrub.

Ann sat back down as Fred went to check. He soon emerged with a conscious Mr. Julius.

“Thanks for moving me out of the way of the fight. Now let’s go back to the town and catch our ride home,” replied Mr. Julius as he walked to of the clearing.

They walked off in silence, Mr. Julius in front and Ann and Fred trailing behind. After a while Ann asked, “Fred, where’s the car?”

“Well you see, I kept on driving and about a minute later I put my rifle on the accelerator and locked it in with the steering wheel and jumped out. I made my way to the area were you jumped but could not find you so I went to where Mr. Julius jumped out to find you sitting on top some lady,” concluded Fred as they came to the end of the street of bush.

Mr Julius, still walking ahead, disappeared through some bushes. Ann and Fred followed and found the freeway. They could not see Mr Julius anywhere so they followed the freeway back to town in silence.

“How did you defeat Georgia?” asked Fred as they turned onto the main shopping strip.

Ann told Fred about the fight. Just as she finished the story they came to a white Nissan.

Mr. Julius was sitting in the front seat looking bored.

“About time,” yawned Mr. Julius as he started up the car.

Page 18. Page A Day story

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“Georgia and I want Mr. Julius. Now it is my turn,” replied Georgia as she bent her knees.

Georgia swung at Ann’s head, Ann ducked striking at her legs. Georgia jumped and slammed the pole down, Ann dived out of the way but the pole caught the back of her legs. As Ann fell she dropped her stick and it rolled out of arm reach. Georgia saw her chance to strike, bringing the pole down with an overhead cut again and again. Ann kept on rolling out of the way of the swings. Finally Ann rolled into a tree with nowhere to go, Georgia laughed, “Looks like we are all caught up.”

Ann moved her hands towards her head for protection. Her hands brushed over the pistol that Fred had given her. Georgia had not yet seen it, giving Ann an advantage.

“Well,” smirked Ann as she gripped the pistol, “I am not done yet.”

She pulled out the pistol and held it towards Georgia. Georgia’s eyes widened with shock at the pistol.

“Where did you get that?” gasped Georgia.

“A friend,” replied Ann as she got up.

“Which one?”

“That one.”

As Georgia turned around, Ann jumped up and body slammed Georgia to the ground. Fred ran into the clearing and saw Ann sitting on top of Georgia.

“Good work catching the bad guy…. Now get off her,” smirked Fred as he got some vines to tie her up with.

Page 17. Page A Day story

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Ann watched as another figure jumped out of the car. She picked up her bag and quickly and quietly moved towards the person that had jumped out of the vehicle. It was Mr. Julius sitting with his head in his hands in a clearing.

“You ok?” asked Ann as she crouched down beside him.

“I think I knocked my head,’ replied Mr. Julius as he lost conscious.

Just as Ann looked up she saw someone moving towards them carrying a metal pole. She frantically looked around and found a big stick and pulled Mr. Julius under a brownish-green, leafy shrub. He was completely under with her bag, when a twig snapped about fifty metres away. Ann grabbed the stick and climbed up a few branches, she was on one of the thick branches no higher than four metres off the ground.


She edged down the branch until she was about halfway then stopped and held her breath. The figure had walked into the clearing and was underneath her. She saw it was a woman. Ann watched as she looked around. As she took a step, Ann dropped from the tree swinging the stick like a sword and hitting her in the shoulder. The woman turned around to see Ann holding the stick, ready to attack again.

“Nice hit little girl,” said the lady as she rubbed the point of impact.

“Who are you and what do you want with us?” gulped Ann as she moved her stick back for another strike.