Book Cover Competition Winners!

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Competitions

We had a morning tea in the library to celebrate the end of the Year 7 book cover competition!  Muffins were had by all, and Mr Newton awarded prizes to the competition winners.

And the winners were…

In joint first place, Chloe Coleman of 7S2 with her cover of Undine (top) and Amelia Seng of 7C1 with her cover of Inkheart (below).

Second place was a three-way tie between Jack Murray of 7B3, who made a cover of  The Immortals (top), Qian Rui Madeleine Long of 7S3 with her cover of  Nemesis (middle), and 7S1’s very own Sara Manojlovic, who made a cover for My Sister Jodie (bottom).

The popular choice award went to Tamika Scheerlink of 7S3, whose sinister yet colourful cover of  Sherlock Holmes garnered a massive 112 out of 277 votes.

The Librarians’ Choice award- chosen, as the name suggests, by the librarians- went to Jasmine Jimenez Lyons of 7C2 with her splendidly elephanted Nancy Drew cover (top), and also to Rachel Berkeley of 7S1, whose cover of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (below) combined urban squalor with a lingering sense of hope.

All competition winners received book vouchers from Readings.

  1. […] Right now the library is running one of the most prestigious and colourful competitions in our events calendar: the Year 7 Book Cover Competition!  This is always an exciting part of Term 2, and many older students will remember designing their own masterpieces in years gone by.  You can see of last year’s entries in this post, and last year’s winning book covers are here.  […]

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