Book Week!

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here in the library we are all very excited because next week we celebrate Book Week! 

Our literary overlords at the Children’s Book Council of Australia have announced that this year’s theme is ‘Across the Story Bridge’.  They say that ‘stories provide us with bridges to experiences, personalities, places, events and situations that are totally “other” to our own…. they can also provide bridges to events, experiences and people in our own lives and enable us to view them with more insight’. 

This morning we decided to build our very own Story Bridge in the library:

Other exciting library events next week include:

*The book quiz!  We have devised a fiendishly difficult quiz that will explode your brain!  Get an entry form at the library desk for your chance to win prizes and glory.  (It’s not really that hard).

*Hot chocolate and board games!  Come to the library on Wednesday lunchtime for hot beverages and fierce rivalry.

*Sun bookshop!  On Thursday the Sun bookshop will be setting up a stall at recess and lunchtime where you can purchase shiny new books at bargain prices.

Plus, you are welcome to come and admire the marvel of engineering that is the Story Bridge: it is even more impressive in real life.

Still want more of Book Week?  Check out the Children’s Book Council award winners!


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