Book Quiz Winners!

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Competitions

Last week’s rock’n’roll book quiz was so fiendishly difficult that only one entrant got 100% of the answers correct!  We therefore congratulate Luke Van Jager, who will win not only our eternal admiration but also a book voucher from Readings!

Runners-up were Estella Qing, Jono Lee, Aditi Chetty, Eve Fraser, Rachel Meehan, and the mysterious ‘Ziggy’.  They each receive a small but glorious prize, available for collection from the library any time in the next week.

Watch out for our next book quiz, coming soon on the library blog!

  1. Mysterious Stranger says:

    Pfff, how was that hard? Just Google it.

  2. SMPC says:

    @MS Try finding the title ‘Burn’, when you’re unsure of even the author. Argh! How ambiguous! Stop sounding so scornful.

    P.S. I love the new library blog! This is great! More students would have entered, had they known about it! This needs more publicity 🙂

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