Library Blog Quiz: Word Trivia!

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Competitions

Words.  Big ones, little ones, easy ones, weird ones.  We use them every day, but how much do we really know about them?  This week on the library blog quiz, answer our fiendishly tricky word trivia questions and you could win prizes and glory!

How to enter:  Fill in the form at the bottom of this post with your name, email address and the correct answers to all ten questions.  Entries which answer all questions correctly will go into the draw to win a book voucher from our literary friends at Readings book shop.  This competition will close at 10am on Friday April 1st, and winners will be announced on the blog later that day.  You must be a Uni High student to enter this competition.  Good luck!

Quiz questions

  1. What is the longest word you can spell using only one vowel?
  2. Many of the symbols on the computer keyboard have special names (for example, the symbol ~ is called a ‘tilde’).  Can you name the symbols below?
              a.   &
              b.   *
              c.   #
  3. Can you name three words which end in ‘-dous’?
  4. Name an English word which contains all five vowels.
  5. Which language does the word ‘walrus’ come from?
  6. Give two anagrams of the word ‘earth’.



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