The UnderAge

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Good reads

This week at the library blog we have become aware of an awesome new development in the world of young people’s voices on the internet. The UnderAge, produced by Express Media, is an initiative by high school students who collaborate to create a youth-focussed news site.  They say: ‘We can’t drink, drive or vote, but we can write. This is us, expressing our generation’s opinions and concerns. Look at the world through our eyes.’  Their writing is fantastic and so should probably check it out right now.

Even more excitingly, this website features work by Uni High’s very own Luke Dundon!  The UnderAge welcomes feedback and story ideas, and are looking at expanding their stable of writers during the year.  Check out their info page to get in touch with them!

  1. Deylan says:

    Will there be a competion this week on the blog?

  2. We will be posting our next Library Blog Quiz on Friday!

  3. Deylan says:

    Oh yeah, I thought it was friday yesterday,

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