Year 7 Book Cover Competition Winners!

Posted: June 17, 2011 in Competitions

At the moment the library is full of glorious colour as we continue to display all the book covers made by Year 7 students this term.  Last week we had a very exciting morning tea for all contestants during which ace visiting illustrator Sue de Gennaro announced the winning entries!  We also collated the votes for the People’s Choice Award (thanks to all who voted on the blog!).  Astonishingly, the winner of the People’s Choice Award was also the winner of the first prize as judged by Sue!  This superlatively winning book cover, designed by Suriani Lim of 7C1, is pictured below.  Sue de Gennaro commented that Suriani had created ‘a well thought out book cover, using the theme in both colour and graphics. This cover is fresh and strong in design, and would easily jump out at you on a bookshelf’.  Well done Suriani!

Because the standard of the competition was so high, Sue also awarded equal first prize to Rowan Welsh of 7B1 for his spooky cover of Skulduggery Pleasant, calling it ‘a successfully designed and well balanced cover. The use of black and white is classic and the text adds to the overall sophisticated style. Well resolved use of back cover and spine. A great effort.’


There were also two second prizes awarded, one of which went to this very colourful effort by Jacob Hersant of 7B1, with a design that Sue said ‘instantly grabbed my attention with its confident use of illustration and colour. Delightfully quirky!’

Equal second was awarded to a cover by Emma Weir, also of 7B1.  Sue commented: ‘Beautiful use of the computer, it is light, fresh and tender.  I too feel like running with those children into the story. Perfect use of colour, inspiring…’

 And last but not least, we are delighted to announce the Librarian’s Choice Award, given by the librarians to their favourite design.  It was a very tough decision this year but after much discussion the Librarian’s Choice Award was given to the fun and colourful book cover shown below.  Unfotunately the designer did not write their name on the back so we don’t know who created this masterpiece!  If you are the mystery artist, or if you know their identity, please let us know in the comments!

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