Library Blog Quiz Winners!

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Competitions

Hurray for everybody who entered our even-more-tricky-than-usual blog quiz this week.  Several people sent in complete sets of correct answers and as usual we used the internet’s mighty power to generate a winner at random from these.  We are delighted to anounce that after a gruelling semester of trying to win the library blog quiz, Mr Deylan Kilic-Aidani of 7B3 has finally cracked it this week!  His glorious prize is a book voucher from our literature-loving friends at Readings book shop.  Runners-up were Bernadette Hall and Elaine Yong, who also receive a participation prize.  Prizes are available from the library today, but if you forget to pick them up they will still be here next term.  Well done everybody!  The library blog quiz is now going to take a brief but well-deserved hiatus, and will be back next term.


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