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Book Week Scrabble Tournament!

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Events

Today is the last day of our favourite week:  Book Week!  As part of our Book Week celebrations we had a very competitive  Scrabble tournament which lasted from Monday to Thursday and saw the library filled with teams of word-loving students pulling out their trickiest vocabulary in an effort to be crowned Uni High’s Ultimate Scrabble Champion!

While we at the library felt that the real winner on the day was the glorious game of Scrabble and, to a lesser extent, literacy in general, there was also an actual winner.  In fact there were two winners: the unstoppable team of Madeline Qian Rui Long and Tamika Scheerlinck!  They emerged victorious from a fierce battle with runners-up Eric Wang and Michael Cheng to take out the title, the glorious prize of book vouchers, and the respect of the Uni High Scrabble-playing community.  Congratulations to the winners, the runners-up, and everybody who took part!

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If there’s one thing we really like around here (apart from our first love, literature) it is the internet.  This week we have yet again trawled through said internet to bring you the best book-related cool stuff. 

Authors on Twitter

Have you ever wondered what your favourite authors get up to in their down time?  Yearned for a glimpse of their everyday lives?  Craved some insight into the minds behind the books?  Don’t worry, it’s not weird or stalker-ish!  Not only is your curiosity totally normal, but it can easily by satisfied via the magic of Twitter.  This week we were thrilled to find this list of authors on Twitter!  There is a whole Young Adult section including two of our favourite tweeting authors, Sarah Dessen and the very funny Maureen Johnson.

Vampire Academy

Some awesome Vampire Academy-related finds via our friends at Between the Lines:  first of all, some genius at Penguin has condensed the first three novels into a handy Facebook recap!  Part one is here, followed by part two and part three.

Another great find is this video of author Richelle Mead answering readers’ Vampire Academy-related questions.
Thirdly, there is now a graphic novel version of Vampire Academy!  Amazing!  Here’s a review
Look out for this graphic novel in the library soon!

Poetry Generators

We love poetry!  We love computers!  And now it seems that computers can make poetry!  There is a pretty good poetry generator here with which we ‘wrote’ a pretty great poem entitled ‘Studious Oysters’.  But our very, very favourite poetry generator ever is the dark and gloomy Goth-O-Matic poetry generator which allows you to create tortured masterpieces on a range of themes including Supernatural Violence, Feeling Very Sorry for Yourself, and  The Black Abyss of Righteous Hatred.  We cannot emphasize enough how much we love this.  In fact we are going to finish this blog entry right now so that we can go and unleash some emotional turmoil.

Book of the Year 2011 Winners

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Good reads

The winners of the Children’s Book council Awards for this year were announced on Friday. Judges from every state have cast their votes by secret ballot and the prizes go to:-
Older Readers Book of the Year – The Midnight Zoo by Sonya Hartnett
Honour Books – Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley & The Life of a Teenage Body Snatcher by Doug MacLeod

Younger Readers Book of the Year – The Red Wind by Isobelle Carmody
Honour Books – Just A Dog by Michael Gerard Baur & Violet Mackeral’s Brilliant Plot by anna Branford & Sarah Davis

Early childhood Book of the Year – Maudie and the Bear by Jan Ormerod and Freya Blackwood
Honour Books – The Tall Man and the Twelve Babies by Tom Niland, Kilmeny Niland & Deborah Niland & Look See, Look at Me by Leonie Norrington & Dee Huxley


Picture Book of the Year – Joint winners – Mirror by Jeannie Baker and Hamlet by Nicki Greenberg
Honour Books – Why I Love Australia by Bronwyn Bancroft & My Uncle’s Donkey by Tohby Riddle

Eve Pownall Book of the Year – The Return of the Word Spy by Ursula Dubosarsky and Tohby Riddle
Honour Books – Drawn From the Heart: A Memoir by Ron Brooks & Our world: Bardl Jaawi: Life at Ardlyooloon by One Arm Point Remote Community School

All books and the rest of the shortlisted books are available for loan from the Library.

Pottermore: It’s Coming.

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Events

Now that the Harry Potter series is finished in both book and movie form, what is a Potter fan to do? Well, soon the Potter withdrawals will be eased by the launching of JK Rowling’s new website, Pottermore.  Pottermore is described as ” a unique online reading experience built around the Harry Potter books, where you can share and participate in the stories, showcase your own Potter-related creativity, and discover additional information about the world of Harry Potter from the author herself.”  Intriguing!  The site is not operational yet but is due to go live in October.

Here’s JK Rowling herself talking about Pottermore, backed by some amazing animation.

Library Blog Quiz Winners!

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Competitions

Hurray and well done to everybody who entered last week’s quiz!  Due to the high standard of braininess here at Uni High we received several sets of correct answers.  However, as we know from watching reality television, there can only be one winner, and this week that winner was none other than Ms Niamh Ryan-Atwood of Yr 11.  Niamh wins a book voucher from our fellow book-lovers at Readings book store.  Runners-up this week were Deborah Wu, Sarah Norton, Emily Quinton, Ellen Munari, Emma Fehmel and Faith Newman, who all get a smaller but equally prestigious prize for their participation.  Prizes will be available for collection from the library on Monday.

The scene: Library office, 3.45pm on a Monday.  Librarians are having a meeting.

Librarian 1: So, everybody, we’re almost ready for Book Week.  We’ve got all this great stuff happening: the Scrabble tournament, the bookmarks, the bookshop visit…  I just feel like there’s still something missing though.  Something frivolous.  Something fun.

Librarian 2:  Hmm.

Librarian 3:  Hmmmmm.

Librarian 4:  You know what would be really educational?  If we filled the reading area with heaps of helium balloons.  I think that would totally foster a love of the written word.

All Librarians:  Yeah!  We shall make it happen.

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Book Week!

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Events

The Children’s Book Council of Australia’s annual Book Week is, according to the internet, the oldest children’s festival in Australia: this is its 65th year!  Book Week officially starts next week but here in the library we couldn’t wait, and are beginning our celebration of the wonderful world of books and reading right now.  This year’s theme is ‘One World, Many Stories’.

We are doing a few different things to celebrate Book Week this year.  Next Friday we are having a visit from the Sun Bookshop, who will be setting up a stall in the library at lunchtime for your browsing pleasure.  We are also running our inaugural Book Week Scrabble Tournament, in which teams of two will compete for ultimate Scrabble supremacy.  In the spirit of celebration, we have also filled the reading area with helium balloons, which students are welcome to take home at the end of the day.  Because nothing is more educational than balloons!