Book Week Scrabble Tournament!

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Competitions, Events

Book Week will soon be upon us and we at the library are planning an exciting week of celebrations.  As part of our Book Week mayhem, we are going to host a Scrabble tournament in the library from Monday August 22nd to Thursday August 25th.  Sixteen teams of two will enter, but only one will emerge victorious! 

To compete in the Scrabble tournament, you must be in a team of two people, so find a friend who is great at Scrabble and get them to team up with you!  You will need to be available to play a half-hour Scrabble game every lunchtime from Monday August 22nd to Thursday 25th.  If you are not available on one of the tournament days, your team mate will need to organize a replacement, or your team will forfeit the game. 

If you would like to enter this epic contest of mental acuity and verbal jousting, there is a sign-up sheet at the front desk in the library.  Let the wordplay begin!

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    HAHAHAHA!!! Anonymous shall strike! Facebook SHALL FALL!!! HAHAHA

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