Library Photo of the Week: Balloonarama!

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Events

The scene: Library office, 3.45pm on a Monday.  Librarians are having a meeting.

Librarian 1: So, everybody, we’re almost ready for Book Week.  We’ve got all this great stuff happening: the Scrabble tournament, the bookmarks, the bookshop visit…  I just feel like there’s still something missing though.  Something frivolous.  Something fun.

Librarian 2:  Hmm.

Librarian 3:  Hmmmmm.

Librarian 4:  You know what would be really educational?  If we filled the reading area with heaps of helium balloons.  I think that would totally foster a love of the written word.

All Librarians:  Yeah!  We shall make it happen.

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