Book Week Scrabble Tournament!

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Events

Today is the last day of our favourite week:  Book Week!  As part of our Book Week celebrations we had a very competitive  Scrabble tournament which lasted from Monday to Thursday and saw the library filled with teams of word-loving students pulling out their trickiest vocabulary in an effort to be crowned Uni High’s Ultimate Scrabble Champion!

While we at the library felt that the real winner on the day was the glorious game of Scrabble and, to a lesser extent, literacy in general, there was also an actual winner.  In fact there were two winners: the unstoppable team of Madeline Qian Rui Long and Tamika Scheerlinck!  They emerged victorious from a fierce battle with runners-up Eric Wang and Michael Cheng to take out the title, the glorious prize of book vouchers, and the respect of the Uni High Scrabble-playing community.  Congratulations to the winners, the runners-up, and everybody who took part!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    whippity bamm!

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