Cool Stuff from the Internet, Volume 3

Posted: August 26, 2011 in General

If there’s one thing we really like around here (apart from our first love, literature) it is the internet.  This week we have yet again trawled through said internet to bring you the best book-related cool stuff. 

Authors on Twitter

Have you ever wondered what your favourite authors get up to in their down time?  Yearned for a glimpse of their everyday lives?  Craved some insight into the minds behind the books?  Don’t worry, it’s not weird or stalker-ish!  Not only is your curiosity totally normal, but it can easily by satisfied via the magic of Twitter.  This week we were thrilled to find this list of authors on Twitter!  There is a whole Young Adult section including two of our favourite tweeting authors, Sarah Dessen and the very funny Maureen Johnson.

Vampire Academy

Some awesome Vampire Academy-related finds via our friends at Between the Lines:  first of all, some genius at Penguin has condensed the first three novels into a handy Facebook recap!  Part one is here, followed by part two and part three.

Another great find is this video of author Richelle Mead answering readers’ Vampire Academy-related questions.
Thirdly, there is now a graphic novel version of Vampire Academy!  Amazing!  Here’s a review
Look out for this graphic novel in the library soon!

Poetry Generators

We love poetry!  We love computers!  And now it seems that computers can make poetry!  There is a pretty good poetry generator here with which we ‘wrote’ a pretty great poem entitled ‘Studious Oysters’.  But our very, very favourite poetry generator ever is the dark and gloomy Goth-O-Matic poetry generator which allows you to create tortured masterpieces on a range of themes including Supernatural Violence, Feeling Very Sorry for Yourself, and  The Black Abyss of Righteous Hatred.  We cannot emphasize enough how much we love this.  In fact we are going to finish this blog entry right now so that we can go and unleash some emotional turmoil.


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