Library Blog Quiz: Spring Edition

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Competitions

Today is the second day of Spring!  We in the library love Spring as the days are getting longer which gives us more reading time.  Also, the warmer weather means that we can read in bed without our hands getting cold.  To celebrate the change of seasons, this week’s library blog quiz is all about Spring. 

How to enter:  Fill in the form at the bottom of this post with your name, email address and the correct answers to all ten questions.  Entries which answer all questions correctly will go into the draw to win a book voucher from our literary friends at Readings book shop.  This competition will close at 10am on Friday September 16th, and winners will be announced on the blog later that day.  You must be a Uni High student to enter this competition.  Good luck!

 Quiz questions

1.  Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring had a huge impact when it came out in 1962.  In ten words or less, what was the book about?

 2.  Who is the author of the book Await the Spring?

 3.  What’s the Spanish word for ‘spring’?

 4.  In India there is a festival called Holi that happens in the spring.  What do people throw at each other to celebrate Holi?

 5.  What is the name for the day in Spring where both the Earth’s poles are the same distance from the Sun and the day and night are of equal length?

 6.  Starting with ‘N’, what is another name for the daffodil?

 7.  Who is the author of the book The Peacock Spring?

 8.  What is the last day of spring in Australia?

 9.  The Irish national holiday St Patrick’s Day happens during the Irish spring (our autumn).  According to legend, what animal did St Patrick banish from Ireland?

 10.  Another fun spring festival is the Ivrea Carnival which happens in Turin, Italy.  What fruit is traditionally thrown as part of the carnival celebrations?



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