Library Blog Recommends: The Shattering

Posted: September 9, 2011 in Good reads

We at the library blog recently read and loved a new YA book by Karen Healey called The Shattering, and because there is nothing we like more than talking about books, we are here today to share it with you!

The Shattering is set in Summerton, an idyllic seaside holiday town in New Zealand.  The story is told from the points of view of three teenagers: tough but troubled Keri, wannabe rock star Janna and the super-smart-yet-constantly-kind-of-anxious Sione.  The three main characters don’t have a lot in common except for one pretty massive thing: each has lost an older brother to suicide.  Could the tragic deaths of their brothers somehow be linked to the almost eery perfection of beautiful Summerton?  Has their been some kind of foul play?  Is there weirdness afoot?

This is a fantastic read with a well-paced plot and complex characters whose interactions are painful, funny, sweet and tragic.  (One Uni High librarian who shall remain nameless was in floods of tears during the second-last chapter.)  It has some fairly heavy themes around suicide and adolescence, but it treats these sensitively and doesn’t sensationalize.  You can find more reviews here  and here.  We highly recommend this book! 

Also, if you enjoy The Shattering you might like to check out Karen Healey’s other YA novel, Guardian of the Dead.

PS:  If you have read The Shattering and are curious about what happens to the characters after the novel ends, you are in luck!  Karen Healey has written a post on her LiveJournal where she spills the beans about the future lives of Keri, Janna and Sione.  Obviously this link comes with a HUGE SPOILER ALERT.


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