Cool stuff from the Internet: Harry Potter Edition

Posted: October 14, 2011 in General

One of the greatest things about the Harry Potter series, in our opinion, is the almost fanatical dedication of its legion of fans.  The sheer amount of cool Harry potter-based stuff on the internet is truly staggering (sometimes in a good way, sometimes not so much).  We here at library blog headquarters have had a little look around the interwebs to bring you this week’s pick of cool stuff from the Potterverse.

Harry Potter Facts Tumblr

A very dedicated Potter fan has put together this Tumblr, which is a collection of interesting facts about the Harry Potter books and movies advertising itself as ‘Your #1 source for all things Harry Potter [lightning bolt]’.  Some of these fun facts will make you go ‘gosh!’ and some will make you go ‘hmmm…’.  Be warned however that this blog does contain spoilers.  (And the odd angry comment from a disgruntled spoilers-reader, which is always good for a laugh.)

Butterbeer Recipe

Have you ever read about the kids at Hogwarts sneaking out for an illicit butterbeer and thought ‘Yum’?  Well luckily for you, some enterprising netizen has posted a recipe for butterbeer which looks mighty tasty although it contains some strange American ingredients like ‘imitation butter flavour’.  There are also some links to even more Potter-inspired recipes at the bottom of the post!

Hogwarts Sorting Quiz and House Shoes

For any enthusiastic Potter reader who has contemplated whether they would be a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff, and then gone on to think ‘But if only I could express my house affiliation through cool sneakers!’: the internet is here to help you out.  First of all, there are heaps of Sorting Hat quizzes to help you find your spiritual home in the appropriate house: two that we liked were this one and this one.  Secondly, some genius has designed a range of sneakers based on the different houses.  We here at the library blog are not afraid to admit that we squealed with delight upon first seeing these.  Here they are for your shoe-loving pleasure:

And finally…

Harry potter cupcakes.  ENOUGH SAID.

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