And Now For Something Completely Awesome

Posted: October 21, 2011 in General

Excuse me, would you like to see something awesome followed by something even more awesome?  WE THOUGHT SO.  Okay, here we go.

Firstly, it has come to our attention that one of our very favourite YA books, The Hunger Games, is being made into a movie, due for release in early 2012.  We loved this series so much when we read it that we can’t wait to see how it translates to the big screen!  Because of the book’s extremely dedicated fan base, casting the movie was a bit controversial, but thanks to the internet we can give you a peek at what the lead characters are going to look like.

From left: Gale, Peeta, and Katniss.

Also thanks to our good friend The Interwebs, we found this very short yet undeniably tantalising movie trailer, where Katniss roams the forest watching out for fireballs.

If you’re into The Hunger Games, you can find out heaps more about the movie at

So that was our first awesome thing.  But what could be even more awesome than making a movie out of The Hunger Games?  I will tell you.  Two literary geniuses named Aaron Geary and John Bailey Owen have written a parody of the book entitled The Hunger But Mainly Death Games.  Here is an extract from the book, where two central characters called Bratniss and Greta chat about life and death in the forest.

“You know, all this talk of the Hunger But Mainly Death Games makes me wonder what it would be like to kill a person,” I say. “I’m not sure I could do it.”
“I have a feeling you’d be fine,” Greta replies. “You just killed an entire
family of squirrels with a single ninja star.”
“But killing a person is different.”
“You just picked up a venomous snake, swung it around to break its spine,
and used it to lasso another snake, and now you’re eating that snake raw.”

True enough. But all the same, something inside me whispers that if I ever
had to turn my mustard gas gun on a person, I simply wouldn’t be able to.
Mustard gas costs upwards of one wood chip. No way I’m paying that much to kill
only a single human being.

You can read more here.  Not only have these hard-working satirists written a book, they have even gone so far as to make their own movie trailer, which you can watch right here on the library blog!  (WARNING: This video contains footage of someone being shot by an arrow which, though pretty obviously fake, make be upsettingly graphic for some viewers.  Like us, for instance.)

So there you have it:  all the news about The Hunger Games.  In closing, we would like to leave you with this picture of what some of the Hunger Games characters would look like if they were on South Park.  You’re welcome.


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