Library Blog Quiz: National Year of Reading Edition!

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Competitions

We may have mentioned how excited we are about the National Year of Reading happening in 2012.  So excited, in fact, that we have decided to make this, our first Library Blog Quiz of 2012, a National Year of Reading-themed challenge!

For those of you who came in late or are new to UHS in 2012, here’s the deal.  Every so often we run a Library Blog Quiz on this very blog where you, as long as you are a Uni High student, can answer ten fiendishly devious questions and thus go into the draw to win prizes, glory and chocolate frogs.

How to enter:  Fill in the form at the bottom of this post with your name, email address and the correct answers to all ten questions.  Entries which answer all questions correctly will go into the draw to win a book voucher from our literary friends at Readings book shop.  This competition will close at 10am on Friday March 2nd, and winners will be announced on the blog later that day.  You must be a Uni High student to enter this competition.  Good luck!

Quiz Questions

1.  Famous Australian author Miles Franklin was, despite the name, actually a woman.  What was her real name?

2.  Leigh Hobbs is a great Australian children’s author who used to teach art at Uni High!  What is the name of the cat featured in many of his books?

3.  Isobel Carmody, another fantastic Australian author (do you sense a theme emerging??) has written many great books including the Obernewtyn series.  How old was she when her first novel was published?

4.  Markus Zusak’s award-winning novel about a little girl living in Nazi Germany during World War II is, oddly, narrated by Death.  What is the name of the book?

5.  Justine Larbalestier is the Australian author of the Magic or Madness trilogy.  She is also married to an author!  Can you name both her husband and one of his novels for young adults?

6.  Larissa Behrendt, a writer and academic, won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Prize for Indigenous Writing with which novel?

7.  Which book won the Children’s Book Council of Australia ‘Older Readers Book of the Year’ award in 2011?

8.  Who wrote the classic Australian bushranging tale ‘Midnite’?

9.  Which Melbourne writer, also a columnist in The Age, released as memoir last year entitled You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead?

10.  Which well-known poem celebrating Australia’s unique natural features was written by Dorothea Mackellar?

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  2. James Frog says:

    the box where we type the answers doesnt work! i think it has a linnk attached to it. it just reloads this page!

  3. Oh gosh. Oops! Thanks for letting us know: it should be fixed now.

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