National Year of Reading 2012!

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Events

This year, 2012, is set to be a very special one.  Not only because the Mayan calendar has predicted that the apocalypse will probably occur some time in December, but also (and more importantly) because our mighty nation is celebrating the National Year of Reading in 2012!  This year a bunch of libraries, schools, school libraries and community organizations will be getting together to celbrate and promote literacy and reading in Australia.   

If you follow the link to their website you will see that many libraries are planning activities and celebrations throughout the year: have a look on their calendar and see if there is anything good on at your local library!  Meanwhile, we here at the Uni High library are getting pretty excited about the National Year of Reading and are planning some celebrations of our own, so watch this space for more National Year of Reading news and events.

  1. J. Li says:

    It is incorrect that 2012 is the predicted year of doomsday in December… This is because many great and special things have happened this year so far, hence it must not end with an apocalypse with such a positive first half of the year!

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