More Excitement About The Hunger Games Movie!

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Good reads

Here at the library blog we may have already mentioned that we are pretty darn excited about the Hunger Games movie, which is set to be released in Australia this very month!  (March 22nd, if the Internet Movie Database have their facts straight.)  We have been re-reading the books, practising our archery (just in case), and working our way through this excellent list of “movies to watch while you wait for the Hunger Games movie to come out”.

It seems that quite a few other people on the internet are also pretty excited about the upcoming Hunger Games movie, and quite a few especially fanatical fans have been expressing their devotion to the series by making Hunger Games-themed merchandise and selling it online.  We were alerted to this phenomenon by a post on one of our favourite blogs, and have curated a selection of the finest and weirdest Hunger Games merch on offer for your edification and amusement.

First up: hey, it’s a Hunger Games word cloud T-shirt!

Or, if you like T-shirts but you also enjoy baked goods, we recommend this sartorial tribute to Peeta’s family bakery.

You could accessorize your new shirt with these Mockingjay earrings…

…and a pair of Katniss knee socks…

…stylishly teamed with a jaunty pair of Hunger Games thongs!

Then top off your outfit with this very cosy-looking Hunger Games Snuggie.  Because nothing says ‘I am ready for a brutal and violent fight to the death cynically orchestrated by a corrupt government’ like a Snuggie!

Now that you look awesome, you are ready to play with your Hunger Games action figures!

… and finally fall asleep on your customized Peeta pillow.  Creepy or amazing?  You be the judge. 

And there ends today’s Hunger Games merchandise review.  If you have made it this far, congratulations!  You shall be rewarded with this here recently-released clip of Katniss being scarily handy with a bow and arrow.


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