Are Mermaids the New Vampires?

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Good reads

It has come to our attention recently that there may be a new trend in paranormal young adult literature: mermaids!  As we know, YA writers have long been fascinated by mythical creatures, and with vampire and zombie books having reached saturation, could the watery, mysterious fish-woman become our new obsession?  Like vampires, merfolk combine dazzling attractiveness with being deeply misunderstood and possibly fatal to humans, a formula that has traditionally appealled to young adult readers.

As usual, we turned to the internet to investigate this turn of events, and found some pretty compelling evidence.  USA Today wrote about the mermaid phenomenon back at the end of 2011, even hinting that Stephenie Meyer (of Twilight fame) might be working on a new mermaid-themed book.  Meanwhile, seminal book website GoodReads has a list of over 90 books involving mermaids, indicating that the genre is already popular.  Several book blogs have reported on the rise of the mermaid, and author Carolyn Turgeon even has an entirely mermaid-themed blog called I Am A Mermaid which features both reviews of mermaid books and lots of reader-submitted photos of people hanging out near water wearing sparkly tails. 

We even found some indications that the meraid and vampire genres may have met and cross-pollinated, creating a new mervamp hybrid!

The Vicious Deep by Zoraida Cordova

If you are keen to jump on the mermaid bandwagon, you might want to check out some of the following seafaring titles available in your very own school library:

Daughters of the Sea trilogy by Kathryn Laskey

Ingo series by Helen Dunmore

The Forbidden Sea by Sheila A Nielson

So, what do you think?  Are mermaids really the new vampire/werewolf/zombie?  Or is it just a phase we’re going though?  If you have any ideas for other great mermaid books that the library should buy, don’t forget to let us know!


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