New Blog Feature: Suggest A Book

Posted: October 26, 2012 in General

Say what?  Basically, the new ‘Suggest a Book ‘ page does what it says on the tin.  Recently on the blog one of our lovely commenters asked if we could create a feature allowing students (or teachers!) to suggest books for the library to buy.  We are very interested in student recommendations and always do our best to acquire books that you suggest: after all, it’s your library.  So we think it’s a great idea to have a page on the blog where students can suggest a book, and have just created this very feature for your book-suggesting convenience!

Awesome!  How does it work?  It’s very simple.  Just follow this link to our suggestions page or click on the ‘Suggest A Book’ link in the top navigation bar (next to ‘Student Reviews’).  You will be directed to our new page, where you fill in a form giving your name, email, the name of the book you would like us to acquire, and the name of the author (if you know it).  Provided that the book fits with our collection policy, we will do our very best to get our hands on a copy for you.  If you provide a working email address we will even send you an email to let you know when and if we are able to acquire your book.

So get recommending!  We await your suggestions with both enthusiasm and curiosity.

  1. deylan9 says:

    What happened to those quizzes that we used to have on here?

    • Excellent question! We’ve been so excited about the plethora of literary awards happening recently that we haven’t had a Library Blog Quiz post for ages… Let’s have another one soon! Any theme suggestions?

  2. […] hao, bookish folk!  It was recently pointed out to us by a commenter that we have not had a Library Blog Quiz for quite some time.  ’Hmmmm,’ we thought, […]

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