CBCA Book Week Excitement and Quiz!

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Competitions, Events

CBCA  Logo Hi ResGreetings, readers!  We are very excited to announce that next week is CBCA Book Week!  We have a range of great activities happening in the library to celebrate, so stay tuned for details.  Meanwhile, you can enter our special Book Week edition of the Library Quiz!

How to enter:  Fill in the form at the bottom of this post with your name, email address and the correct answers to all ten questions.

Entries which answer all questions correctly will go into the draw to win a book voucher from our literary friends at Readings book shop.  This competition will close at 10am on Friday November 30th and winners will be announced on the blog later that day.  You must be a Uni High student to enter this competition.  Good luck!

Quiz questions:

  1. What is the theme of this year’s CBCA book week?
  2. Vikki Wakefield is the author of short-listed book Friday Brown.  Which Australian state does she come from?
  3. Short-listed book The Ink Bridge is about a young boy who travels to Australia from Afghanistan.  What is his name?
  4. The Wrong Boy, which is in contention for the CBCA Older Readers Award, is the story of a young Jewish musician named Hanna who is sent to Auschwitz.  What instrument does she play?
  5. In Gus Gordon’s book Herman and Rosie, which is up for the CBCA Picture Book Award, what kind of animal is Herman?
  6. Another contender for the Picture Book award is The Coat, written by Julie Hunt.  Who illustrated this book?
  7. Sonya Hartnett, whose book Children of the King has been short-listed for the Younger Readers Award, has already won a CBCA Award with one of her previous books!  What was the title of her winning book, and in what year did it win?
  8. Doug MacLeod, author of the short-listed novel The Shiny Guys, suffered a catastrophic health event just after he finished writing the book.  What happened to him?
  9. Margo Lanagan, author of Sea Hearts, has also written a bunch of books using different names!  Tell us one other name that she has used to publish a book.
  10. Who is the author of the short-listed book Creepy and Maud?


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