Loved the Cherub series? Try these!

Posted: February 24, 2014 in Good reads

Robert Muchamore’s Cherub series is definitely one of the most popular in our library for lovers of junior spy adventure thrillers. Luckily there are approximately 700 books in the series so if you have recently discovered a love for Muchamore’s writing you have plenty of books to look forward to. But what about those of you who have read all of them twice through? What then? Never fear: we have compiled a list of books for Muchamore fans that will let you gently expand your reading horizons while still getting the adventure/thriller buzz that you crave.

Ten Days to Zero by Bernard Ashley

Ten Days To Zero“When journalist Ben Maddox is thrust full-throttle into an investigation for Zephon TV, he worries that he’s in over his head. But as he digs deeper, he realises that what’s really important is being prepared to fight for what you believe in, and if that means risking his life, then that’s exactly what he will have to do…”



Boy Soldier Series by Andy McNab & Robert Rigby


Danny Watts’ grandfather, Fergus, was a Deniable Operator in the SAS before he was betrayed, imprisoned, and falsely denounced as a traitor. Now Fergus has escaped, but the real traitor is determined to silence Fergus and Danny for good. Together Danny and Fergus are forced to go on the run in an against-the-odds battle for survival. As they try to clear Fergus’ name, Danny learns all the military field craft, trade skills, and covert operations techniques that are second nature to his grandfather. When Fergus is recaptured, Danny must put those skills to the test and rescue Fergus before it’s too late.

The books in the series are: Boy Soldier, Payback, Adventure, and Meltdown..

Spy Girl Series by Carol Hedges


Alex Rider meets Nancy Drew in a futuristic spy thriller full of adventure and suspense. Jazmin Dawson’s alter ego, Jaz, is a gorgeous super-spy, and she doesn’t have a serious snack habit, unlike Jazmin herself. In real life, the closest Jazmin gets to dangerous missions is waving goodbye to her mum, who works for secret intelligence.



Jimmy Coates series by Joe Craig


Who or what is Jimmy Coates? Eleven-year-old Jimmy is on the run. The good news is that he has some sweet new abilities that let him outrun, outjump, and outkick anybody even adults. The bad news is that the mysterious organization that kidnapped Jimmy’s parents is after him and he has no idea why. Except that it might have something to do with his new fighting capabilities. And the fact that he might not be entirely human. . .



Young Bond series by Charlie Higson

images (1)“Before the name became a legend. Before the boy became a man.” Young Bond is a series of five young adult spy novels by Charlie Higson featuring Ian Fleming’s secret agent James Bond as a young teenage boy attending school at the very fancy Eton College in the 1930s. The books in the series are Silver Fin, Blood Fever, Double or Die, Hurricane Gold, and By Royal Command.



The Shapeshifter series by Ali Sparkes

Dax Jones turns into a fox, and is taken away by the government to a remote college where other children his age have also suddenly developed paranormal powers. He soon makes new friends – cheeky Gideon, who can move things with his mind, gentle Mia, who can heal people and spoilt little madam Lisa, who is sick and tired of getting messages from the dead. As the Children Of Limitless Ability begin to develop their powers, Dax wonders what whether the college is there to protect them, or to control them…

The five books in this series are: Finding the Fox, Running the Risk, Going to Ground, Dowsing the Dead, and Stirring the Storm.


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