Page 3. Page A Day story

Posted: September 18, 2014 in book club
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As she got to the back door her father said, “Take off your wet clothes and leave them on the step.”

“Yes sir.”

Ann took off most of her clothes and put on the spares that were hanging a peg on the wall. A red t-shirt, black shorts, red runners and black jacket. She climbed up the red carpet stairs and into the first door on the right. She grabbed her old footy bag and helmet from the rack. She put the bag on her bed and grabbed her two favorite shorts, jeans and tops and put them in her bag. Grabbed her other pair of shoes and put them in her bag. Undies, bra and socks – six pairs of each – and two pairs of bathers. Her jumper, jacket, raincoat and wallet into the bag. She put her pocket knife and sunglasses that she was working on in the bag. She zipped up her bag, picked it up and as she walked out, she turned around to see her neck chain, with her father’s cross and mother’s ring, sitting on her desk. She ran over to it and put it on. Ann turned off her light and closed the door. She walked down the stairs like an old man. At the bottom of the stairs was a twenty dollars with a message saying:


Spend on morning tea.



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