Page 4. Page A Day story

Posted: September 18, 2014 in book club
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Ann put the money in her pocket and went to the garage to find her parents waiting for her. Her father was doing the final check on his bike and her mother was drying herself with her towel as she opened the door. Her father looked up from his work only when the door swung shut. Her father stood up and gave his only daughter a hug.

“Bye, sweetie and good luck,” said her father and that looked like he was about to cry.

“See you,” said Ann in the same tone, “Bye mum.”

“Come here you little monster and give me a kiss,” teased her mother.

“Can you guys come to the station with me?” asked Ann as she gave her mother a kiss.

“Sure,” she replied as she put on her dress.

As they walked out of the garage, her mother gave her an envelope and whispered, “Open it on the train.”

“Yes, mum,” she replied.

She slowly walked down the street. They walked down Moreland road towards the station. At the station her father bought a ticket and gave it to Ann.


“You’re welcome,” said her father.

“Be good, Ann,” her mother told her as she gave her a kiss.

Ann stepped on to the train. She found four seats. As the train started to move Ann pulled out the envelope her mother had gave her. It was a golden colour with her mother’s hand writing on it. She cut it open with her pocket knife and pulled out a letter and a picture of two people, a lady in a white wedding dress and man in a black suit.
She unfolded the letter. It was addressed to her:

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