Page 5. Page A Day story

Posted: September 19, 2014 in book club
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Then a letter addressed to her in her mum’s handwriting:


To our beloved Daughter,

I am sorry we did not tell you earlier but we think it is time you know. Your parents died when you were one. Your mother was my sister so we took you in and raised you as our daughter.They were killed in a car accident. You survived with only a head injury. It was predicted that you would not live past the age of five but you proved them wrong and became super smart. When you built that racing car out of spare parts we were so happy that we could not believe our eyes. The enclosed picture is of your parents at their wedding. Here is your father’s cufflink and your mother’s opal from her wedding dress.

 Love from your aunt and uncle (you’ll always be our little girl though)

Ann tipped the envelope upside down and two little things fell out a suit cufflink and an opal with a chain. She stared at them for a couple of minutes then attached them to her neck chain.
She put the envelope in the bag and took out the sunglasses. She put in the last three wires, and as she was closing the hole, a hand grabbed them and pulled them out of her grasp.



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