Page 6. Page A Day Story.

Posted: October 6, 2014 in book club
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She looked up to see three boys in black jeans, blue t-shirts and sunglasses. The guy in the middle had sunglasses with a blue frame, to his right with a red frame and to his left a green frame. The guy on the right had the sunglasses.

“What you doing?” asked the guy in the middle.

“Nothing, Austin,” replied Ann.

Austin AKA Slimly was a bully to most kids but he was never caught by the teachers so that is how he got the nickname Slimly.

“Who do these belong to?” questioned the guy in the red sunglasses.

Ann thought fierily then answered, “My Uncle near the river, Rex. And no you cannot have them, Howard.”

“Ok, then if I can’t have them,” retorted Howard and whispered something into Austin’s ear.

Austin nodded. Then he took the glasses off Rex and ran through the carriage.

“I will take them instead,” sneered Howard.


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