Page 7. Page A Day Story

Posted: October 7, 2014 in book club
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Ann shouted, “GIVE THEM BACK!”

As she ran after them, she finally caught them in the third carriage. Ann quickly jumped over a seat and landed next to Austin, he had a shocked look on his face when he saw Ann next to him. He threw them to Rex who was running in a different direction. Ann tried to get up but Austin was holding her in place. Ann tried to move but got Austin’s fist in her stomach. Ann was winded and could not breathe, Austin smiled happily until Ann’s fist hit him in the nose. Blooded stared to pour from Austin’s nose, it went all over his top and jeans, Ann had climbed over Austin, when Austin kicked Ann in the back. Ann fell forward onto the ground Austin rolled her over and stamped down on her stomach and ribcage. Austin finished Ann off with a punch to the eye. Ann kicked out desperately hitting Austin in the knee. Ann slowly pulled herself up then staggered down the corridor which Rex had gone earlier. Ann went back to her seat to find the glasses on her seat with a scrap of paper.


Leave ten bucks on seat behind you under cushion.

R man


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