Page 8. Page A Day story.

Posted: October 10, 2014 in book club
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Ann did as the note instructed then went back to fixing the sunglasses.
She was just clipping the black ear piece back on when the speaker announced that the next stop would be Flinders’ street station. Ann put her glasses on, grabbed her bag and got off the train then walked slowly through the station, trying not to be noticed by anyone. She left the station with no one second glancing her.
On the street she looked at the station clock, 9:20am, and went towards the Seven Eleven shop with her ten dollars. She got at bag of plain chips for $1.50, two bottles of water for $2.00, a small pack of tissues for $1.50 and a Mars chocolate bar for $1.50. As she put her money on counter she saw the T.V. on in the back room with a picture of the train that she had gotten off fifteen minutes ago.

The news reporter said, “There has been an attack on our local train. The scene was found by the driver. He reports that he was doing his regular check through the train when he saw the blood, still wet, all over the floor and seat and a limp body. We have identify three people from the train.”

A surveillance camera came on showing Ann sitting in her chair with her back to the camera and Austin, Rex and Howard facing it.

“Watch what happens next.”

The screen showed Ann chasing Austin through the corridor and the ensuing fight.

“The police are trying to identify the fourth person” said the reporter as the screen zoomed in on her, but the picture was very blurry.


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