Page 9. Page A Day story

Posted: October 10, 2014 in book club
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She grabbed her items and stuffed them into her bag and walked up the few huge steps. At the top she sat watching the crowd go about their business. As she at she looked around for any sign of anyone who might be Mr. Julius. When she looked towars the station she saw police asking anyone if they have seen any weird activity. She glaced at the clock, 9:40, still 20 minutes. She pulled out a bottle of water and some tissues and started to clean her face from any blood that might be there. She looked down at her legs to see that they were covered in blood. She tipped some water onto her legs and wiped down with more tissues. Once her legs were clean she looked at her forearms that had red dots splatted everywhere. She wiped them down to see her normal skin colour. Her top would give her away so she started to shake it out with one hand while the other held the bottle of water. She looked up at the clock again to see that it was five to ten. Ann was so nervous that she was shaking slightly. She reached into her bag searching for the other bottle of when she felt something cool. Her fingers curled around it she pulled out her hand to find that she had Rex’s watch with a note:

Don’t forget me

R man


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