Page 11. Page A Day story

Posted: October 13, 2014 in book club
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“What is the problem?” asked Ann worriedly.


“What do you mean nothing?”

“You have no black eye it is only a little red and black mark about the size of a five cent coin.”

“What,” choked Ann as she spun around to look in a window, “What the…”

“Tell me about it,” confessed Mr. Julius.

Mr. Julius looked at his watch and groaned, “We are already late.”

“For what?”

“Our pick up to the right of the State Library.”

“What time?”

“Nine minutes from now.”

“I can get us there in five minutes,” boasted Ann.


“See that bike over there, hop on the pack rack facing the opposite way to the driver,” ordered Ann.

“Ok,” nodded Mr. Julius as he sat on the back of the rack nervously.

“It’s safe. Me and my friends have done it lots of times. Helmet?”

“Yes please.”

“Alright now all you have to do is put your hands in the air.”

Mr. Julius did as he was told while Ann strapped him in using the octopus rope that was on the bike.

“One more thing, can you hold my bag for me while I ride?”

“Ok,” replied Mr. Julius as he grabbed the bag.

“Let’s go,” hooted Ann as she pushed off.


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