Page 12. Page A Day story

Posted: October 14, 2014 in book club
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They rode onto Exhibition St and Ann started to pedal with all her might to get the bike moving. Once it was up and running she steered it towards Lonsdale St. Ann maneuvered between the traffic. She heard Mr. Julius scream when she cut in front of a blue car, next she jumped onto the footpath with Mr. Julius screaming for people to get out of the way of her. At end of the block was Lonsdale St, she turned right onto the road and sped down the hill with Mr. Julius shouting at her to slow down as she almost knocked a lady over.

“SORRY!” Ann shouted at the lady.

As they got nearer Swanston St there was a car accident. Ann sped up and rode right up the first cars bonnet. She rode onto the roof of the car, jumped onto the next car’s roof, then jumped twisting her bike mid-air and landing on the road again and pedaling off. They reached the State Library and Ann came to a halt, jumped off and undid Mr. Julius from the back of the bike.

Ann retrieved her helmet and bag and sat down on the grass, waiting for Mr. Julius to recover. When Mr. Julius recovered Ann looked at her watch and laughed, “Here with two minutes to spare.”

Mr. Julius look a bit better than before and sat down next to Ann.

“That was very fun and the last thing I expected. How did you do all that with my weight added on?”

“Well, I use to practice with my dad on the pack rack so it was nothing.”

They sat in silence for a minute lost in their own thoughts. Ann pulled out the mars chocolate bar and started to eat it. Mr. Julius rose and walked over to the curb next to a black van.

“Come here,” he said to Ann as he pulled open the back door.


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