Page 14. Page A Day story

Posted: October 16, 2014 in book club
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Ann put on x-ray vision and looked at Mister Julius. He had a gun in a hip holster. She looked at the guy in the front driving, he had a rifle strapped to his back and a hand pistol in a holster. She turned around in a semicircle with x-ray and found that there was a machine gun sitting in the back corner of the van. Ann now felt really uncomfortable with all the guns around her. She thought about asking him why there were so many guns but decided not to. She put her glasses in her pocket as well. The drive was so long that Ann almost fell asleep but every time she started to drift off they would go over a bump and she would hit her head on the roof. After a while Ann had to go toilet. She held on for as long as she could which was not very long at all.

“Mr. Julius could I go toilet please before I wet my pants?”

“Mm…err… maybe. Give me a second,” he replied as he asked the driver.

“We will be stopping in ten to twenty minutes,” boomed the driver in a deep voice.

“Thanks,” replied Ann as she sat down again and stared at the ground.

Ten minutes later the driver called, “Mr. Julius we have got a tail.”

“What? Where? Where? Fred!”

“White Range Rover Vogue. 500 meters and closing. Last T intersection.”

“Crap,” swore Mr. Julius as he moved towards the machine gun.


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