Page 15. Page A Day story

Posted: October 17, 2014 in book club
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“Umm… What about me?” asked Ann.

“Here have this,” replied Fred the driver handing her the hand pistol.

“How do I use it?” asked Ann as she put it in her front pocket.

“Simple. Aim then squeeze the trigger, and be careful of the knock back.”

“Jump up and hang from the roof,” said Mr. Julius as he started to pull open a slide hatch in the back door.


“Cause when they shoot they will be aiming at the tires.”

Ann jumped up and grabbed hold of the handles on the roof and hooked her feet around the other end of the handles.

“Who is going to drive if you are both shooting?” asked Ann.

“Good question.”



“Since you are not going to be shooting,” replied Fred.

“But how?”

“By turning the wheel, beeping the horn plus keeping your foot on the pedal.”

“NOW,” ordered Mr. Julius.


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