Page 16. Page A Day story

Posted: October 20, 2014 in book club
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“Fine,” replied Ann as she scrambled in to the front seat.

“Just turn when we say so and don’t stop!”

The machine gun started to fire with the rifle going off in time to Ann’s heartbeat. Ann focused on the road, gripping the wheel tight. Explosions were going off everywhere. Behind, in front, above next to and alongside the car.

“Zigzag so they don’t get a good aim,” shouted Fred over the noise.

Ann started to turn the wheel back and forth. They were coming to a red light Ann punch the gas and beeped the horn. She turned down different streets. They were now driving through a park with heaps of trees and bushes.

“Ann drive alongside the bushes and trees!” shouted Fred.

Ann did what she was told. She kept on driving when all of sudden Fred tapped her on her shoulder.

“Grab your bag and jump into the bushes,” explained Fred as he sat down next to Ann.

“Ok,” replied Ann as she scrambled out of the front seat and into the back of the van.

She tucked the gun into her pants and pulled her t-shirt and jumper over the top. She put on her bag and opened the sliding door. Ann counted to three before jumping out of the moving van. She landed on her feet and with the momentum she did a forward roll and landed on her bottom. She watched the cars still driving and shooting at each other.Page


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