Page 18. Page A Day story

Posted: October 22, 2014 in book club
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“Georgia and I want Mr. Julius. Now it is my turn,” replied Georgia as she bent her knees.

Georgia swung at Ann’s head, Ann ducked striking at her legs. Georgia jumped and slammed the pole down, Ann dived out of the way but the pole caught the back of her legs. As Ann fell she dropped her stick and it rolled out of arm reach. Georgia saw her chance to strike, bringing the pole down with an overhead cut again and again. Ann kept on rolling out of the way of the swings. Finally Ann rolled into a tree with nowhere to go, Georgia laughed, “Looks like we are all caught up.”

Ann moved her hands towards her head for protection. Her hands brushed over the pistol that Fred had given her. Georgia had not yet seen it, giving Ann an advantage.

“Well,” smirked Ann as she gripped the pistol, “I am not done yet.”

She pulled out the pistol and held it towards Georgia. Georgia’s eyes widened with shock at the pistol.

“Where did you get that?” gasped Georgia.

“A friend,” replied Ann as she got up.

“Which one?”

“That one.”

As Georgia turned around, Ann jumped up and body slammed Georgia to the ground. Fred ran into the clearing and saw Ann sitting on top of Georgia.

“Good work catching the bad guy…. Now get off her,” smirked Fred as he got some vines to tie her up with.


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