Page 19. Page A Day story.

Posted: October 23, 2014 in book club
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Ann did as she was told. That was a mistake. Georgia shoved her into an oak tree then rammed into Fred knocking him down. She ran out of the clearing and out of sight. Fred scrambled over to Ann who was sitting at the bottom of the oak tree. He grabbed her face in his hands and gently slapped her a couple of times. Ann finally started to stir after the sixth or seventh slap.

“Where is she?” murmured Ann.

“She got away. Where is Mr. Julius?” asked Fred as he helped her to her feet.

“Underneath the shrub over there,” replied Ann as she pointed towards the brownish-green leafy shrub.

Ann sat back down as Fred went to check. He soon emerged with a conscious Mr. Julius.

“Thanks for moving me out of the way of the fight. Now let’s go back to the town and catch our ride home,” replied Mr. Julius as he walked to of the clearing.

They walked off in silence, Mr. Julius in front and Ann and Fred trailing behind. After a while Ann asked, “Fred, where’s the car?”

“Well you see, I kept on driving and about a minute later I put my rifle on the accelerator and locked it in with the steering wheel and jumped out. I made my way to the area were you jumped but could not find you so I went to where Mr. Julius jumped out to find you sitting on top some lady,” concluded Fred as they came to the end of the street of bush.

Mr Julius, still walking ahead, disappeared through some bushes. Ann and Fred followed and found the freeway. They could not see Mr Julius anywhere so they followed the freeway back to town in silence.

“How did you defeat Georgia?” asked Fred as they turned onto the main shopping strip.

Ann told Fred about the fight. Just as she finished the story they came to a white Nissan.

Mr. Julius was sitting in the front seat looking bored.

“About time,” yawned Mr. Julius as he started up the car.


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