Page 20. Page A Day story.

Posted: October 24, 2014 in book club
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Fred climbed into the front while Ann hopped into the back. They drove for a long time. After a while they came to a wall about seven metres high with bar wire on the top.

“Welcome to the school,” smiled Mr. Julius as all the windows became black, “This is just a thing we have to do when you enter the campus.”

Ann started to smell a chemical. She started to feel very tired. The car drove through the gates to another gate where Mr. Julius typed in a password and the gate opened, he entered and turned left. They drove over to a building on the far north. When the car stopped Fred got out and carried Ann inside, while Mr. Julius parked the car and took Ann’s bag into the building where Fred had took Ann.


Fred took Ann to a room on the first floor. He shifted her so that she was on his shoulder then knocked on the door, it opened and he entered a room with 2 doctors. One was short with black hair and the other was tall with blonde hair. They wore white gloves and safety glasses. The room contained a silver table in the middle, a desk on the far side, a computer coming out of the wall and two chairs sitting next to a white board. Fred laid Ann on the silver table, then walked over to the door and stood there watching. First the doctors strapped her to the table, over the legs, ankle, waist, chest and neck, so that Ann would not trash about while she slept and dreamt.

“How long has she been asleep?” asked the tall doctor.

“Twenty minutes, Mister Krall,” replied Fred from the door.


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