Page 21. Page A Day Story

Posted: October 27, 2014 in book club
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“How has she done so far?” asked the short doctor.

“I have no idea but I hope well, Mister Noose,” answered Fred as Mr. Julius walked through the door with Ann’s bag.

“Really well, she defended herself from Georgia, is very creative, acts well under pressure and gunfire and can heal really quickly,” announced Mr. Julius as he sat down, “Come sit Fred.”

Fred sat down, while Mr. Krall took her blood sample and computed it, B+ flashed up on the screen. They took her height, eye colour, hair colour and saliva. After they had finished collecting data it had been about an hour since she had been put to sleep. She was starting to stir. Ann slowly looked around to see two doctors, Fred and Mr. Julius all staring at her intensely. She tried to move her arm to rub her eyes when she realized that she could not move it.

“Umm… excuse me but can you please untie me,” advised Ann as she craned her neck up.

“Your job is to work out a way out of the straps,” replied the tall doctor as he picked up his pen and pad.

“Fine,” sighed Ann as she started to wriggle around.

Ann continued to wriggle around until she was on her stomach. Next she leaned to the left side while she pulled out her right hand, then did the same to the other side. The onlookers watch as she pulled herself out of the straps, first her shoulders, next her waist, then her legs. Ann did not land on her face she rolled straight over, then stood up.


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