Page 22. Page A Day story

Posted: October 29, 2014 in book club
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The doctors and Mr. Julius were whispering, while Fred had a huge grin on his face. Ann kept on catching words like interesting, unique, odd, and clever and Ann. Finally the group had finished talking and now we’re all looking at the tall doctor with blonde hair.

“My name is Mr. Krall and this is my assistant Mr. Noose. We would like you to sit down at the desk and wait until we give you the test then you may start. You will have one hour to complete it,” explained the tall doctor as he held his hand out to be shaken.

Ann shook his and then walked over to the desk and waited. Mister Noose gave Ann a pencil case and the test. The test just got harder the more you did. When the hour was up Mr. Krall took the papers and told her to go with Mr. Julius, Mister Noose and Fred for the next part of the test. Ann followed Mr. Julius, Mister Noose and Fred down the hall to where there were double doors. The doors lead into a gym where there were gym mats with two kids sparring with each other. There was a teacher watching them correcting technique and making sure that it did not get out of hand. When he saw them walk in he let the kids finish sparring.
“Practice is over,” requested the coach as the boy with reddish took down the boy with black hair.

The kids ran out of the gym into the changing rooms while the coach took out a pair of grey shorts and a green t-shirt out of a bag. He gave them to Fred who gave them to Ann.

“Go put them on in the change rooms, then come back out here NOW,” as he pointed to a door on the far side of the gym.


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