Page 23. Page A Day story

Posted: October 29, 2014 in book club
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Ann grabbed the clothes and ran over to the girl’s changing room. She walked in to find two skinny girls one with black hair and one with brown hair gossiping and three huge girls one with red highlights and the other two with blue highlights throwing a ball around. She walked over to the corner change left her clothes on the bench, then ran back out to Fred.

“Follow,” growled the coach as he walked off towards a green door with OBASCTLE on it.

Ann followed like he asked. He opened the door and then grabbed Ann by the shirt and dragged her to the start of the course. Ann walked beside him to the start of the obstacle course.

He let her go at the start then walked back to the others. There were three red lights above the start. The first one changed to green, then the next one, then the next one. Ann was off she ran straight into the course. She came to the monkey bars, Ann swung through them she jumped off then crawled under the rope net. After the rope net she came to a vine swing of four ropes. A red dodge ball came out of nowhere almost hitting her. Ann climbed up the rock wall dodging the balls being thrown at her by four girls from the changing rooms. She clambered over the wall and landed the drop. Next came the beam balance. Ann ran across getting hit multiple times, she threw herself at the ladder and scrambled up it. At the top she put on a safety harness by herself the attached it to the cord hanging from the roof because she had to jump across planks of wood. Ann ran and jumped the 100cm gap then the 115cm gap easily. Ann saw the next gap was bigger than the first two but she just charged over it. She landed on the platform then climbed the rope ladder. Ann used up a bit of strength on it. She got to the next level climbed up the ladder to the one plank that sloped down. At the end was a flying fox, Ann grabbed it and launch herself off the plank.


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