Page 16. Page A Day story

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“Fine,” replied Ann as she scrambled in to the front seat.

“Just turn when we say so and don’t stop!”

The machine gun started to fire with the rifle going off in time to Ann’s heartbeat. Ann focused on the road, gripping the wheel tight. Explosions were going off everywhere. Behind, in front, above next to and alongside the car.

“Zigzag so they don’t get a good aim,” shouted Fred over the noise.

Ann started to turn the wheel back and forth. They were coming to a red light Ann punch the gas and beeped the horn. She turned down different streets. They were now driving through a park with heaps of trees and bushes.

“Ann drive alongside the bushes and trees!” shouted Fred.

Ann did what she was told. She kept on driving when all of sudden Fred tapped her on her shoulder.

“Grab your bag and jump into the bushes,” explained Fred as he sat down next to Ann.

“Ok,” replied Ann as she scrambled out of the front seat and into the back of the van.

She tucked the gun into her pants and pulled her t-shirt and jumper over the top. She put on her bag and opened the sliding door. Ann counted to three before jumping out of the moving van. She landed on her feet and with the momentum she did a forward roll and landed on her bottom. She watched the cars still driving and shooting at each other.Page


Page 15. Page A Day story

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“Umm… What about me?” asked Ann.

“Here have this,” replied Fred the driver handing her the hand pistol.

“How do I use it?” asked Ann as she put it in her front pocket.

“Simple. Aim then squeeze the trigger, and be careful of the knock back.”

“Jump up and hang from the roof,” said Mr. Julius as he started to pull open a slide hatch in the back door.


“Cause when they shoot they will be aiming at the tires.”

Ann jumped up and grabbed hold of the handles on the roof and hooked her feet around the other end of the handles.

“Who is going to drive if you are both shooting?” asked Ann.

“Good question.”



“Since you are not going to be shooting,” replied Fred.

“But how?”

“By turning the wheel, beeping the horn plus keeping your foot on the pedal.”

“NOW,” ordered Mr. Julius.

Page 14. Page A Day story

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Ann put on x-ray vision and looked at Mister Julius. He had a gun in a hip holster. She looked at the guy in the front driving, he had a rifle strapped to his back and a hand pistol in a holster. She turned around in a semicircle with x-ray and found that there was a machine gun sitting in the back corner of the van. Ann now felt really uncomfortable with all the guns around her. She thought about asking him why there were so many guns but decided not to. She put her glasses in her pocket as well. The drive was so long that Ann almost fell asleep but every time she started to drift off they would go over a bump and she would hit her head on the roof. After a while Ann had to go toilet. She held on for as long as she could which was not very long at all.

“Mr. Julius could I go toilet please before I wet my pants?”

“Mm…err… maybe. Give me a second,” he replied as he asked the driver.

“We will be stopping in ten to twenty minutes,” boomed the driver in a deep voice.

“Thanks,” replied Ann as she sat down again and stared at the ground.

Ten minutes later the driver called, “Mr. Julius we have got a tail.”

“What? Where? Where? Fred!”

“White Range Rover Vogue. 500 meters and closing. Last T intersection.”

“Crap,” swore Mr. Julius as he moved towards the machine gun.

Page 13. Page A Day story

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Ann sat down opposite to Mr. Julius. The van started and pulled out onto the road, turning right. The drive was long and the van had no windows. Ann attached the control system to the watch Rex had given her. Once the controls were connected to the watch Ann put on the sunglasses and started to test them out. She pressed mode twice giving her x-ray vision, pressed mode and set for infrared vision and mode and adjustment for a radar showing a 1.5km radius including sound.

“Excuse me Mr. Julius,’ asked Ann.


“Could we turn off the lights for a minute?”

“Sure,” replied Mr. Julius and spoke quietly to the driver.

The lights went off and Ann pressed mode and light giving her night vision.

“Could you hold up a number of fingers please?”

“Sure,” replied Mr. Julius as held up a number of fingers.


“How did you know?”

“I have implanted some different sights onto a chip which is attached to the control panel.”

“Where is the control panel?”

“My secret,” smirked Ann as she tapped the screen turning it off and putting her knife in her pocket.

The lights came back on.

Page 12. Page A Day story

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They rode onto Exhibition St and Ann started to pedal with all her might to get the bike moving. Once it was up and running she steered it towards Lonsdale St. Ann maneuvered between the traffic. She heard Mr. Julius scream when she cut in front of a blue car, next she jumped onto the footpath with Mr. Julius screaming for people to get out of the way of her. At end of the block was Lonsdale St, she turned right onto the road and sped down the hill with Mr. Julius shouting at her to slow down as she almost knocked a lady over.

“SORRY!” Ann shouted at the lady.

As they got nearer Swanston St there was a car accident. Ann sped up and rode right up the first cars bonnet. She rode onto the roof of the car, jumped onto the next car’s roof, then jumped twisting her bike mid-air and landing on the road again and pedaling off. They reached the State Library and Ann came to a halt, jumped off and undid Mr. Julius from the back of the bike.

Ann retrieved her helmet and bag and sat down on the grass, waiting for Mr. Julius to recover. When Mr. Julius recovered Ann looked at her watch and laughed, “Here with two minutes to spare.”

Mr. Julius look a bit better than before and sat down next to Ann.

“That was very fun and the last thing I expected. How did you do all that with my weight added on?”

“Well, I use to practice with my dad on the pack rack so it was nothing.”

They sat in silence for a minute lost in their own thoughts. Ann pulled out the mars chocolate bar and started to eat it. Mr. Julius rose and walked over to the curb next to a black van.

“Come here,” he said to Ann as he pulled open the back door.

Page 11. Page A Day story

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“What is the problem?” asked Ann worriedly.


“What do you mean nothing?”

“You have no black eye it is only a little red and black mark about the size of a five cent coin.”

“What,” choked Ann as she spun around to look in a window, “What the…”

“Tell me about it,” confessed Mr. Julius.

Mr. Julius looked at his watch and groaned, “We are already late.”

“For what?”

“Our pick up to the right of the State Library.”

“What time?”

“Nine minutes from now.”

“I can get us there in five minutes,” boasted Ann.


“See that bike over there, hop on the pack rack facing the opposite way to the driver,” ordered Ann.

“Ok,” nodded Mr. Julius as he sat on the back of the rack nervously.

“It’s safe. Me and my friends have done it lots of times. Helmet?”

“Yes please.”

“Alright now all you have to do is put your hands in the air.”

Mr. Julius did as he was told while Ann strapped him in using the octopus rope that was on the bike.

“One more thing, can you hold my bag for me while I ride?”

“Ok,” replied Mr. Julius as he grabbed the bag.

“Let’s go,” hooted Ann as she pushed off.

Ann put on the watch and looked at the time. One minute to go. She looked around intensely to see if anyone was heading her way. Yes, there was a man with silk hair and sunglasses walking purposefully Ann’s way. He stopped at the top of the first huge steps. Ann looked at her new watch to see that it was thirty seconds until ten o’clock. She packed up her bag and walked towards the man.

When she got to the man she asked, “Are you Mister Julius?”

“Yes, I am you must be Ann. Nice to meet you,” Mr. Julius said as he held out his hand.

“Nice to meet you too” Ann obliged and shook his hand.

“What happened to you?” he asked as he started down the steps.

“Umm… Well… You see that I kinda ran into some trouble on the way here.”


“Have you seen the news about the fight on the train?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Well the unknown figure is me and the others were just some bullies.”

“What did they take?” asked Mr. Julius as they reached the bottom of the steps.

“My sunglasses that I am wearing now to cover my black eye.”

“Can I see it?”


“Because I want to see the damage that has happened to you before you come with me.”

“Fine, but some where there are less people.”

“Ok follow me,” ordered Mr. Julius as he turned to the right and walked down a curved path. At the bottom he stopped, looked around and noted, “There aren’t any people here.”

Ann slowly pulled off the sunglasses to see Mr. Julius gasp.